20 January 2012

Let's Go to School, Man!

Sara, Kerri, Me, Mouth; January 2012; photo by Sara
This semester should be fun! Busy, but really fun.

On Monday and Wednesday, I have Thesis I and Alternative Processes. Thesis I (there is a Thesis II) is a Senior-level course, in which you can do whatever you want. Not whatever, but since I'm a photog. major, I will work on a photo project of my choosing. By the end of the semester I have to produce a coherent body of work in 20 images. I have tons of ideas! We planned this, but I'm really glad to have several good friends in that class. Also, I enjoy the professor- had him for Advanced Digital Photog. He's hilarious and always something interesting to talk about with the class. We even get to go on a field trip!

After Thesis I, I have Alternative Processes. I have no clue what to expect from this class. We are going to make cyanotypes, photograms, van dyke brown prints, and gum bichromate prints. I've never had the professor who teaches this, but a few friends have and they liked him. On the first day, he said something like, "You could make a cyanotype on a bandana or anything really." I would like to make a cyanotype on a bandana!!

On Tuesday and Thursday, I start my day with Racquetball. That is my last Personal Fitness & Wellness class, so I had to make it count. I hope to learn a lot so I can beat Josh. After racquetball, I have a sweet 5-hour break before my next classes, during which I see myself napping and eating breakfast tacos.

In the afternoon, I have Hellenistic Art History, which I am totally stoked about. The professor is another of my favorites. You know, I actually have really enjoyed all of my professors in their own way, so "another one of my favorites" is a cheap phrase here. This professor always gives historical context to pieces, which I highly value. He also has all of the crazy stories from when he spent time in the Middle East. And also, Hellenistic Art is cool. Winged Victory of Samothrace? So cool that she is the symbol of the Louvre. Bam.

After some history, I have Sculpture I. I don't know what to do with this class, either. I've never had this professor, and from some pre-semester emails, I thought he was going to be really intense. That made me a bit nervous. He was totally chill on the first day of class. He just wants us to work hard and do our best. I hope my best is at least a B! Our first assignment is to make a wooden spoon. Remember my love affair with the wood shop? ON IT.

Also taking an art history class online with Austin Community College, who sent me on a wild goose chase for a meningitis shot, but that class should be pretty easy. 

You better believe I tracked down that shot.


  1. Mom and I are so glad that we won't have to worry about you getting meningitis online. Those online mosquitos are tricky little devils.


  2. I really enjoy this picture - glad you tagged your mouth because it's a prominent part of the picture and probably the first thing I noticed. And crediting to Sara just to clarify that you were indeed not driving and taking pictures.

    Racquetball and Breakfast Tacos - wish they had that class back in the day when I was in school. Oh, forgot to tell you: first step in playing racquetball is learning how to spell racquetball - good jorb. I cannot wait to play you sometime - BRING IT.