31 January 2012

Special Sauce

Little JCM being weird probably; December 1994
Like everyone else, I have my share of "blonde moments". Not too many, but when I have them, I do them up right.

On Saturday, I took a field trip to the Target. I officially had NO black ink, and the professors don't like the 'navy' ink on papers. I also very much needed to refill my supply of Reese's Hearts. And what is with that "Bullseye Bodega" section? Definitely got a liter of Pantene conditioner. A liter! On my way home, I decided to call Mom to see if she liked the sheets we got her for her birthday. She did. While we were talking, I got all of my things out of my car and started walking towards what I thought was my apartment building. 

I saw some people leaving an apartment and didn't recognize them, but thought they were visiting a neighbor or something. Walked up the stairs and noticed that these planters that have been on the apartment breezeway forever, weren't there. I even made a comment about that to Mom. And where did those bushes around the stairs come from? Then, I tried to open my apartment door, but the key just was not working.

Then, a voice from the parking lot said, "Are you looking for someone?" I responded, "No, my key just isn't working!" After he said, "Are you in the right building?" I looked up at the door number. 322. I live in 222. OH MY GOODNESS. The apartment belonged to the voice from the parking lot, but he was cool about it. I was soooo embarrassed. Mom was basically crying from laughing so hard, having heard the entire conversation on the phone. 

So. embarrassed. I think I got disoriented when I parked in a different spot than usual. And when I was totally not paying attention.

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  1. I enjoy the young Julie photos you put up. I would like to see more sometime. I'm glad you are willing to share these types of stories because they are good ones. You should laugh more than be embarrassed about them.