30 January 2012


Canon Blue @ Stubbs; 27 January 2012

I don't usually do things on a whim, but last Thursday I saw on the Facebook that some of my friends I met in high school were going to the Mutemath concert on Friday in Austin. Who loves Mutemath? THIS GIRL. Also, Josh, but he lives in New Mexico. I was going to be pupsitting the Grysen Brothers in Austin anyway, so I gingerly invited myself to the concert and got a ticket. I went with my favorite April and we always have adventures. 

So glad I impulse bought that ticket.

The concert was great. Canon Blue opened for Mutemath. They were okay, but what was really cool was this: Jeremy Larson was filling in for their keyboardist. *squeal* Jeremy is Elsie Larson's husband. She is the creator/writer of A Beautiful Mess, THE indie craft blog. She kind of recently started her own dress line, Red Velvet, from which April happened to be wearing a dress. So basically, a blogging role model. And, for that matter, a bang role model. How are hers always so thick?!

April and I were total creepers at this concert. We giggled the whole time about being 6 degrees from Elsie Larson. After Canon Blue was done playing they said they would be back at the merch table for a little while. We made a beeline back there, in hopes of getting a picture with Jeremy. Much to our dismay, he never did make it to the merch table. BUT we did see him walking through the crowd during one of the first Mutemath songs and squealed simultaneously. Jeremy Larson, if you're out there, April and I were the creepy girls in the back of the crowd! We spent the rest of the evening scanning the crowd for him.
Mutemath at Stubb's; January 2012
But only kind of. The Mutemath concert was bonkers as usual. The first time I saw them was at ACL the first year Josh and I went. We weren't even dating then! Awwww. They always have super energetic shows. At this show, they played the entirety of their new album "Odd Soul", which I really enjoy, and several of their older songs. I was sad that they didn't play "Noticed", but Josh says they don't usually play that at concerts. Booo.

I got really confused when between songs, this large box type thing floated onto the crowd. Then, the song started and it lit up. It was an air mattress with lights somehow attached to it! Paul, the lead singer, performed that whole song on the air mattress, while being passed around the audience. Towards the end of the song, he fell off, kept singing, and was passed back to the stage by audience members. That was fun.
Paul on the air mattress!
5 seconds before he fell off and kept singing.
Also, this happened after the concert. So close!

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