27 January 2012

Taco Bell

Sister Giggles; September 2011; Photo by Sarah Wildman
First, big news that I have been holding in for months:

My favorite sister and brother-in-law are having a tiny baby boy!!!

I'm very excited and can't wait to be an auntie again. Not sure how to phrase that, since I'll always be Roxy and Valery's aunt, but there's a new addition? And I get promoted to aunt for Josh's nephews?

Anyway, I have always had sympathy pains for people. How kind hearted I am, I know. My best friend in high school had a lot of knee problems, and without fail, my knees would ache when she forgot to take her medicine, wear her brace, or whatever.

Em has had her share of preggers symptoms, and I have sympathy pain shared some of them with her. Those mainly being the food cravings. God truly has a sense of humor with the things he lets humans share.

Last semester after class one day, I suddenly had this strong craving for Taco Bell. The only reason I would ever eat Taco Bell was if it was the only thing available on a deserted island. But this day I needed it, so I gave in and got a chicken quesadilla. Funny thing, next thing Em calls me for our daily sisterly chatty chat and she says, "Kitty, you will never believe what the Fetus wanted today for lunch. Taco Bell. I got a Mexican Pizza!" And I was all "hold the phone, what?!"

Several days later, not having talked all day, we both got mozzarella sticks from Sonic. Out of control! I hope my body can keep up with all of Em's cravings. This is just silly.

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