13 January 2012

Thanks, Chris Carter

I have a pretty good memory of faces. When I see an actor or actress that I know I've seen before, I have to track them down to figure out where I know their face from. Most of the actors I recognize are from The X-Files or Frasier. Poor actors that I recognize from The X-Files. They have no hope in my memory. They will permanently be psychopaths.

Harriet Sansom Harris- She played Dr. Sally Kendrick/Eve 6-8 on this episode where someone cloned her and then government continued cloning people, even though the Eves were crazy. She was also in Frasier as his agent and in Desperate Housewives. I don't know what she was in that show.

 Doug Hutchinson- This guy creeped me out. His character, Toomes, could contort his body in an odd fashion. And his eyes were creepily green. He was recently in the news for, as a 51-year-old, marrying a 16-year-old. 

Nick Chinlund- I could pin point this guy's creepy stare in a heartbeat! He played Donnie Pfaster, a serial with a death fetish. One of the bus drivers at school looks exactly like him, but with grey hair. I sit all the way in the back when he's driving. You know, so I can keep an eye on him.

Michael McKean- This guy is everywhere! And I always hate his characters! During his guest appearance on the X-Files, he and Mulder somehow change bodies. He turns Mulder into such a jerk. I recently saw him on an episode of "Happy Endings" and was suspicious of his character the whole time.

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  1. My favorite line, Eve 6 says about the group of cloned psychopathic Eves: "I am her and she is me, and we are all together." (Apologies to the Beatles.)

    It bears the question, would my clone inherit my possessions, social security account, credit cards, bank accounts, etc? How would anyone outside my family ever know he wasn't me? I guess the obvious age difference would be the giveaway.