10 January 2012

Things Learned in the Southwest

This is not an accurate representation of how much snow there is; January 2012
1. Buggies are called shopping carts.
2. There is NO HUMIDITY in the Southwest.
3. A swamp cooler is kind of like an air conditioner and they wear yellow jackets in the winter. And they live on top of your house.
4. "Pop" is soda.
5. There's this thing called snow?
6. If you have lived in the deep south your whole life (me) and you visit places with elevations over 2,000 feet, you'll need some adjustment time (lots).
7. There is a different flour/sugar ratio in sweets for higher elevations.
8. Not everyone wears Native American print clothing.


  1. That's pretty much all you need to know about swamp coolers. The "soda" thing might be up for debate. You could have also added that you don't need to try and dodge every snowflake that comes your way - they won't hurt your face.

    There's still much more for you to learn!

  2. #8 makes me laugh!

    P.S. There is a certain Williams family that is from the Southwest that loves a certain southern gal named Julie! :)

  3. I think lots of people call them shopping carts, not just SW people :/ ... Please tell me YOU'RE going to wear Native American prints exclusively, though?!