15 February 2012

Art History Wednesday!

Winged Victory of Samothrace; 190 BC
Coming from the Hellenistic times of ancient Greece, this little lady used to be part of a massive open air theater. No one is really sure how the structure would have looked exactly, but modern archaeologists think it would have been perched upon a great stone ship in an infinity pool in the open air theater in the Samothrace temple complex. She has the "wet t-shirt" style of material sculpting, typical of the Hellenistic Age.

She lives in the Louvre and is their mascot of sorts. I love this sculpture, and must say that it is completely different in person. The photo to the left is from when I got to see it in 2008. My favorite Winged Victory fun fact is that before WWII got started it was moved to Château de Valençay. It lived there for the entirety of the war, along with Venus de Milo (another favorite) and Michelangelo's Slaves. That is why I like the French- they take care of the ancient art of the world.

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