07 February 2012

Confession #49

2D Design- Pattern

There is this thing in the Art Department known as the "art bubble". While we are at school/in a semester, we are constantly being exposed to art, making it, looking at the classics, looking at classmates' work, planning projects, etc. It's consuming.

But then that wonderful bubble full of encouragement, ideas and understanding is popped when you go home for the various breaks we get. Just completely popped. Such a bummer. A lot of people don't understand art and the conceptual nature of it. They can't grasp why you need to do these things. Why do you need to take pictures of those things? Why do you want to make that? On top of that, my extended family can't even remember what my major is.

I am scared of my art life after I graduate. Josh is great with understanding art, and my immediate family is supporting of it, but what about all of the other people I encounter. Who else is going to get it? My professors have started to tell my classes that we should enjoy our critiques and having like-minded people around, because there might not be these things outside of school. It depends what you do after graduation and who you surround yourself with.

Man oh man!


  1. Isn't LA pretty artsy? Your family will always love and support your artistic ways, but I understand the frustration!

  2. You can hang out with me! Unless you plan on leaving the Austin/San Marcos area, in which case, I can't help. I'm always down for looking at some art and being weird so keep it in mind!