23 February 2012

Confession #50

Oak Alley Plantation, ©Julien Pons, 2008
In my quest to plan a wedding, I have become quite familiar with the East Texas venue selections for weddings. Most of them are in that weird Texas-y theme, and are not in my taste. The venue we ended up picking is pretty cool, but really it would be cool to have the wedding in South Louisiana. Home of the plantation houses! Bad history, I know, but you can't blame the houses for what their builders did. Is the house pictured above not the most dreamiest wedding location you have ever seen? *mini swoon* On the plus side, at the venue we selected, we don't have to worry about: 1. LSU fans 2. West Nile mosquitoes 3. rain as much. Cool beans.

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  1. That's one long walk down the aisle! And too long for me to wait!