17 February 2012

Exploits in Baking

Trying new things is an important part of life, but I'm not so sure about trying new things in baking.
Cooling Tower Cake; May 2009
Here, we have the cooling tower cake I made for Josh the first summer he was going to work in New Mexico. The party was really being thrown for Jamie, who was going on a summer-long mission trip to New York City. We weren't dating yet, but I felt bad that Josh was going away and we weren't doing anything for him. So naturally, I made him a cake that was supposed to be in the shape of a cooling tower... Funfetti isn't as structurally sound as you would think.
Horse Cake; January 2010
 And then there was the horse cake I made for Nichole's birthday a few years ago. It started off on the right leg (no pun intended), but then Bernoulli got to it. I was sewing something, and Russ was watching tv in the old apartment that Emily and I used to live in. Russ casually said, "Um, Kitty, I think Bernoulli is eating your cake." Sure enough, that little booger had his two front paws up on the counter and had taken out a leg of the horse cake. Most of the cake was salvageable, but Josh and I went ahead and made it a disaster.
Nailed it; February 2012
I don't even know what to say about these cookies. I saw them on Pinterest one day, and stored the directions away, because Josh loves oreos and surely I could do this. Nope. It's the thought that counts, right?


  1. Yes, they were all delicious! And they all have good stories. I look forward to more exploits/adventures!