24 February 2012

A Heads Up

Hairs; January 2011
Dear Josh,

I was cleaning my bathroom the other night and realized something. I have a lot of hair. With this en masse hair situation comes a lot of accessories. And also, did you know that part of getting married is getting to be roomies? Are you ready for that? I just wanted to give you a heads up that there will always be hair on the floor. There could also be, in any combination, bobbie pins, ponytail holders, and headbands on the floor. There may also be hair clogging the sink up. (I don't know how that even gets there!)



  1. Dear Jules,
    I am happy to report that Josh's sisters prepared him for hair everywhere! Heck, maybe we even inspired him to grow his hair out for that long-haired season of his.

    Hopefully we prepared Josh to be a good roomie. :)


  2. We can just get a cat and make special booties with sticky tape on the bottom for it to wear around the house. Problem solved.

  3. Then there will be cat hair everywhere. I can send a hound dog to take care of the cat...