06 February 2012

Middle Aged and Working

Jimmy Jalapeno, ACC photography teacher; April 2011
Lately, I have noticed a lot of people who are probably middle-aged working at places like Target or Subway. Usually people my age are working at places like that, but in this job market I guess the older group is looking for any kind of work. Even though they probably would like a different type of job, I enjoy seeing older people in these positions. They are usually 10x less grumpy than the kids my age working these jobs. I felt the need for some coffee on the way to church yesterday, so I got some Starbuck's and a really nice lady took my order. She told me to have a wonderful day, and I was quite enchanted by her being nice. All the emo kids who usually there are all moody, and do not tell you to have a nice day. Come on guys, it's not so bad.

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