06 March 2012

Confession #51

Bernoulli + Laundry; June 2007
In my current spirit of jumping on bandwagons, I broke down and watched The Help. I was going to watch it once I'd finished reading the book, but I'm on a reading hiatus after reading At Home. It was a lot of information!

Back to the movie! That was a great one. I felt the Mississippi accents were spot on and the clothes were fantastic. That's exactly what a Southern lady would say. She would coast right over the main/controversial subject matter of the movie. I think I can say that since I have been in the south my whole life? I really did think the movie was great, but it also hurt my heart. We learn about things like the Civil Rights Movement in school as young children, but in that setting it's just another topic.

Seeing it in live action helps, at least me, inform about the "social rules" of the time. I had never even thought of where maids would have gone to the bathroom. I would have never assumed that white ladies felt so higher-than-thou to make them go outside. That is pitiful. This is why I never willingly call myself a Southerner. I am embarrassed by the history. I know Northerners also had maids, and that some people treated them with respect, but no one else did it quite like the Southerners.

No one deserves to be treated like the 'help'. To some extent, I think all of us have been judgmental and unfair in our lives at some point. Jesus clearly taught us to love everyone, and I don't believe there are any exceptions to that. I know I have blatantly judged someone without getting to know them. Sometimes people seem a little weird when you first meet them, but you just have to have a big serving of humble pie and go talk to them. I'm working on this and have made several new friends.

Here is to being nicer.

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