16 March 2012

Confession #52

Scenic View; July 2009
There is a terrible affliction sweeping across the nation.

It causes people to walk into things, wreck their cars, get called out in class, and most of all text uncontrollably. Yes, it is iPhoneotitis. I have seen it at its worst- totally heartbreaking. It causes people to not be able to eat a meal or have a conversation without checking their texts, facebook, or emails. That zoned out look you get when looking at a computer becomes permanent. They can't go anywhere without their phone. It may even cause people to not notice faces I'm making at them.

But there is something you can do! If someone you know suffers from this, you can take their iPhone, Android, whatever, and throw it across the room. You can take that phone and burn it. Be sure to yell at them and say, "I'm here right now, pay attention to me!"

Do I have a bitter love/hate relationship with technology? Yep.

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