21 March 2012

How To: Easy Chair Makeover

1: Find a chair in the trash. It's okay if it is in pieces, but it should probably have all of its pieces unless you're an awesome carpenter. 
2: This chair had been outside for a loooong time, so first, I cleaned it really well with Murphy's Oil. After it had dried out from the cleaning, I pieced it back together, using wood glue on important joints as I went. Once the wood glue was dry, the chair was a little wiggly, so I nailed the main seat joints together. It took me a few tries, but I got the nails in straight. Carpenters of the world, I'm sorry if this was a really terrible thing to do!
3: I wanted to paint my chair, because the wood was in really bad condition. Here it is before I painted it and made it a seat.
 4: I'm really curious what kind of seat this chair had, because it definitely didn't have one. The leg pegs are in a weird spot and would show with a number of cushion placements. 
5: I got a rectangular piece of masonite cut, covered that with high density foam, then upholstered that sucker.
 6: Then I played with pup for a little bit.
 7: Then Russ discovered that the chair was the perfect height for gaming.

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