23 March 2012

How To: Upholstered Headboard

Emily and Russ just moved into a rental house, got a larger bed and I was there for several days for spring break, so Em and I seized the opportunity to make an upholstered headboard!

We used:
1 piece of masonite board with holes
2 inch foam
covered buttons
spray adhesive
upholstery needles and thread
1 curtain panel for fabric

1: Decide how big you would like your headboard and have your masonite cut to that size. Masonite is a great backing to use, rather than plywood, because it's lightweight and has convenient holes in it. After it was cut to size, Em made hangers out of some wire. Loop the wire through a few holes, triple it up, and twist to secure.
2: Spray one side with spray adhesive and lay one length of foam on it.
We had two pieces of long foam and two smaller pieces, so it was kind of pieced together.
3: Covered buttons are really easy to make and Hancock's sells an all-in-one kit. Both of us think the all-in-one kit covered buttons are better designed than the other kind that are sold.
4: Cute pup.
5: Once your foam is laid out, cover that with fabric. Make sure you have at least 4 inches of over hanging fabric to wrap around the back. Measure out where you want your covered buttons to go. We put them every foot. This is where the holes in the masonite comes in handy. The holes are every foot also, so we just went across the back (or side that doesn't have foam on it) and circled the hole where a button need to go.
6: With an upholstery needle, sew the buttons on. While the board was on the floor, we sewed the first row of buttons on. Then, we leaned the board against some chairs, so that we had access to both sides.
7: There is probably a better/neater method to anchoring the covered buttons, but we used screws to anchor them to the masonite. The screw gripped the back of the board, which helped the buttons sandwich all of the layers together.
8: After all of your buttons are sewn on, wrap the fabric tightly around the edges and staple as you go. We started at the top of the headboard, in the middle, stapling the fabric to the back of the board. Then, went down the edges, making sure to fold and tuck everything neatly
 9: Measure how far apart your hangers are on the headboard. Take that measurement and measure everything out on the wall above your bed or wherever this headboard is going. Go ahead and measure twice. Em used good screws to hold her headboard up. Hang that puppy up and voila!


  1. Thanks for the tips.
    Followed. If you would like, then maybe you'll visit me someday.

  2. Randomly stumbled upon your blog and absolutely adore it. ;)

  3. Awesome guide, I'd love to do this to my headboard. It got all scratched up during a move, so it really needs some TLC