22 March 2012

That Time We Went on a Mega Date

Josh was here for a few days over spring break and we had lots of fun. We should get married or something, because he is cool. Oh wait! On Thursday, Kerri took our engagement pictures and that was fun. We managed to pick one of the busiest days in Austin to take them, but I think they went splendidly.
This was fun: On Saturday, we went kayaking on Lady Bird/Town Lake along with the rest of Austin. At the corner of Barton Creek and the lake, there was a wedding going on! We watched everyone walk in, the bride walk down the aisle, listened to the string quartet, smelled the flowers that were in the trees above their heads. It was beautiful!
 A few other kayakers and ducks were watching, too.
 After kayaking, we played a game of disc golf. I am really terrible at it, but I like being outside and meeting dogs along the course, so it works out. Then, we got to see the Shiny Toy Guns at Auditorium Shores. I was thinking they were someone else, but lucky for me I really liked their music. Sweet!
 The band was great. The female lead singer was really hardcore and had that patch of shaved haircut going on. She was cool.
We also played an intense game of racquetball, in which I tripped Josh. Even though I didn't know what was happening at the time, I would like to claim that I outright tripped Josh. I have been trying to do this for about a year now. He's really agile, and you should see this as an accomplishment on my part.

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  1. I can't believe you didn't tell me my life jacket wasn't fastened all the way! I won't even bother with you not wearing yours at all.

    I will still say that technically you haven't tripped me while actually trying to trip me - this challenge remains. Although, based on the terms of the agreement, any kind of trip MAY mean that you're the one I'm suppose to marry.

    Who did you think Shiny Toy Guns were? Are you going to shave part of your head and get an arm tat?!