18 April 2012

An Analysis

I live in the cutest apartment complex right now- definitely my favorite college era apartment. All of the buildings have different color schemes, but they're all very bright. I live on the back, left side of my building. My windows face the parking lot of the apartments next door, but the view is mostly obstructed by a bunch of big trees. I like it.

Next door to me are some young ladies who I think are lesbian? Maybe they are just roomies? They both have pit bulls and drive Volkswagons? Did I just type cast someone? Their dogs have the same coloring as them, which I find to be very funny. The dogs are pretty quiet, except when their moms come home they go crazy and bark from the time the girls park, to when they open the door. For the most part, the girls are pretty quiet. Every once in a while, I can hear them talking in the bathroom.

Below me is a guy (I think?) who I never see, but I do hear him throwing up in his bathroom every now and then. The guy who I think lives there could also live in the unit across from him, but then I'm not sure who would be doing the throwing up.

Next door to puking boy, and under the lessies, lives a boy who I see almost everyday because of his terrible smoking habit. We never talk to each other, but his dog Chewbacca always barks at me. Sometimes his girlfriend is there. She is Asian, has perfect skin and has a white, fluffy dog named Lambchop. She also has a bird that they sit out on the porch.

Across the way from smoker is another guy who sits out on his porch, but does not smoke. He likes to sit out there without his porch light on and always startles me when I notice him sitting there in the darkness.

Above creeper lives a music major, who I think is named Matt. We moved in on the same day, talked on the first day of the fall semester on the bus, and he held a fedex package for me, but we haven't talked since. I have noticed that a lot of boys don't want anything to do with you, much less talk to you, when they know you are engaged. I guess I don't have anything to offer them? But that is okay.

The guy next door to him is also a mystery. I just saw him for the first time last week and I have lived here for about eight months? I thought no one lived there for a while. Some of the lower blinds by his front door are broken, so I thought he had cat at first, but he has a dog! It is jet black and of Border Collie build.

I'm not sure who or if anyone lives in the unit below him. It could be barfing boy? Someone has lived in the apartment below me in the past eight months who had a dog who barked all. the. time. All night long. All day long. I reported that sucker when I could hear it through my ear plugs. Yeah, I'm that neighbor. One time I saw a guy letting a rottweiler do his business, so maybe it was a rotti barking all day long. In that case, that pup was not supposed to be living in this complex.

I wonder if I'm mysterious like some of my neighbors are to me. Whoever lives below me has probably picked up on me being clumsy, because I know I drop a lot of things.

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