25 April 2012

Little Letters

Peter Pan Putt Putt Sky; March 2011
Dearest Beyonce,
Remember that giant rock you put on my finger? The guys in sculpture have your back. Every class period when I'm working on carving my block o' plaster someone comes, taps me on the shoulder, and asks, "Did you take your ring off?!!"

Dear Kitty and Russ,
Beezus has been quite the gentlepup while staying with me this past week. He patiently sits for me to clip his leash onto his collar in my morning groggies, attentively monitors my sneezing fits, and kindly extends his puppy legs all the way into my side in an effort to push me out of my bed. I like to think he's encouraging me to go to school.

Dear Beverly Cleary,
I happened upon the 2010 movie adaptation of your book Ramona and Beezus the other day. Boy oh boy did a flood of memories rush over me! I read all of your books multiple times when I was in elementary school. If the nieces turn out to be readers, they'll be getting Ramona books for however many Christmases and Birthdays it takes. Thank you for writing books about quirky girls, so that quirky girls know it's okay to be quirky.

Dear Sleeping Schedule,
Could you fill me in on what is going on? Sometimes I sleep 2am-9am. Sometimes 10pm-8am. Sometimes 11pm-4:30am. What is up with this?! If you need me to graduate from college, I'm working on it.


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  1. I'm glad there are guys that respect the ring and have been there to keep a (friendly) eye on you when I couldn't. Maybe that T-shirt you wear everyday with a huge flexing picture of me keeps them at bay too.