19 April 2012

Things I Blame on Texas State University

This happened; April 2012
1. A need for breakfast tacos at least once a week.
2. Being a paper snob, because my art professors introduced me to the good stuff.
3. Thinking all frat boys are jerks, because they really are.
4. Believing Quidditch is a real sport, because there is a school team.
5. Constantly looking for parking spaces, even when walking places.
6. Always wondering where people get their art frames, because frames are all that photography seniors think of.
7. Being unaffected by nudity, because of all of the classical sculpture we look at.
8. My quads from walking hiking up the Alkek Library steps.
9. Wearing leggings in every day life being somewhat okay.
10. My newly acquired taste for coffee.


  1. Do you also blame Texas State for the mint jeans?
    Do I need to remind you what you told me a long time ago about leggings and everyday life?
    At least you still wear normal clothes to school...right?

  2. I suspect Nat the Fat Rat is to blame for the mint jeans... But I like them, they're fun.