24 April 2012

Wedding Invities

Wedding Revelation #1: Weddings are expensive. But really. They are expensive. I realized this while invitation shopping on the internets. Going into things I wanted the invitations to be super fancy. Thermography, nice paper, pattern on the back, double lined envelopes, etc. You know, fancy things.
Completely forget where these come from
 Sadly, invitations like those cost a lot of money. If you go the letterpress or embossing route, you have to get a die made to stamp the invitations. That craft involves a human touch, which I deeply appreciate, but do not want to pay for. I can't get into pieces of paper that cost more than my dress.
Then I was all "I have an art degree, I can make my own classy invitations." So I did. I was having trouble finding paper and envelopes that were made for each other, but pinterest came to the rescue! LCI Paper is an online paper store that sells blank do-it-yourself invitation sets, which are very exciting to me. And it's nice paper! 110 lbs.! For $40 you can get a 50 pack of invitation paper, lined inner envelopes and outer envelopes.

I also wanted a personalized monogram to put on all of the wedding stationary, but all of my drawing friends are graduating/busy to the max. So, I took to all of the wedding blogs. I found the monogram above for free on The Wedding Chicks blog (here). They have a ton of free cute downloads that you can tailor to your own needs.
Even though no one sends cards or thank you notes in the mail anymore, I love sending things via the good ol' post office. There is something so satisfying about sealing the little envelope, writing the recipient's name on the front and carefully placing the stamp on the top right corner. *sigh* So naturally I wanted to select the perfect stamp. A great debate arose in my decision making process. Ronald Reagan or Floral Love Series?! White girl problems, I know, but who didn't love that handsome old fart? I got half and half, per suggestion of my Mom.

I'm excited to see these guys all bundled up and ready to go! Josh probably would like me to stop talking about them obsessively at some point, haha! If someone doesn't mail their RSVP card back to me, I'm going to cut them if I see them at the wedding... Kidding?


  1. Can't wait to see the invites--love me a good bargain! Monogram is perfect. :)