21 May 2012

Confession #53

Me, Josh, cupcakes made with love; February 2010
When Josh and I began dating, I thought we were both just average human beings. Not super cool, but not uncool, perhaps? After we got to six months, I decided he was the nerd in the relationship, dating me, the free spirited art student. HA.

I started reading American Nerd: The Story of My People by Benjamin Nugent the other night and a revelation hit me smack in the face: I am the nerd of this union. My brother has been telling me that I am a dork for years, I don't know why I didn't see this coming. Josh has partial credentials with the Bachelor's in physics and some other smarty dork pants degrees, but I am where the money is at. Personality-wise he is super normal. He is a little quiet, but he likes doing outside things, does not like to talk about school things outside of school and does not like being inside with his computer all day. I am your one stop shop for X-Files trivia, animal knowledge, uncomfortable social situations, leisure quilting, thorough enjoyment of my schoolwork, and my love of rule following.

I really love my schoolwork. Mine is a little more fun than Josh's, but it is still work. I like looking at art, talking about art, working on art- all of it almost all of the time. I get really excited when I know what Renaissance painting something is based on, and super excited when I know the title and artist name.

The book makes a statement about nerds being unathletic and ardent rule followers. Yes and yes. I got hit in the face in my racquetball course around eight times last semester. Let's face it. If there are rules to follow, I. Will. Follow. Them.

In recent wedding shenanigens, I prepared for myself a schedule for how our wedding day won't should go. I had is leaving at 10:30 in the evening so that our families could pick up the venue and not have to rush getting everything together, because everything has to be out by midnight. The rules say that we have to be out by midnight, so we are going to get out of there! Rules! I told Josh of such things:
JMW: but what if we're having fun and don't leave at 10:30?
JCM: everything has to be out by midnight
JMW: but what if we're having fun and want to stay?
JCM: then no one will start picking up?
JMW: all of those people are there to see us!
JCM: we have to be out by midnight! rules say!
The lady who owns the place is super nice, and I know (I think I know) that an iron gate won't come down and lock everyone into the venue with 17 sticky tables at midnight, but I like to follow specific rules when they are given to me.

We are totally leaving at 10:30pm.
At least I am.


  1. Yeah for rule following!!! ALL the rules!!!

    - KP

  2. You're both nerds. And we can be cleaning while you're having fun still; you might not want to leave!