22 May 2012

Driving Granny Around

Yesterday afternoon, I got to take my Granny to her doctor's appointment. I hate that she's having some health troubles, but I love hanging out with her. And we had the same outfit on somehow?  I got to drive her Buick boat, which is an experience in itself. That car is so big and tailored for an older crowd. And shorter, perhaps? I had the seat lowered all the way and my head was still closer to the car ceiling than I would have liked. #whitegirlproblems 

When we actually got to her appointment, I learned all sorts of things! Granny has been very healthy for the majority of her life. Hopefully, I got some of her good genes. Most of my great grandparents and great greats died simply of old age. Granny said her grandad died when he was 94! I also learned that Granny's dad was married four times. That was really a lot in his days.

The best thing was when Granny was telling her doctor about all of her recent bodily injuries and told him, "Well, and then there was that time I injured my rotisserie cuff and had trouble hanging the laundry out to dry." Rotisserie cuff = rotator cuff. I almost died trying to not laugh, but the doctor knew what she was referring to and kept going with his examination.

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  1. Your grandma sounds absolutely precious. Hope she gets to being better asap! xo.