07 May 2012

A Mom Convo

Mom and moi; April 2012
Last week, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and telling her that I thought my days of seeing reproductive organs everyday at school were thankfully coming to a close. Honestly! Remember last summer when one of my classes was a figure drawing class and I saw people's junk everyday for a month? And remember when I was in basic drawing and that man walked into class with a robe on and I was all "what the what?" And then I was telling her about how in Hellenistic Art History our professor showed us how obsessed the ancient Greeks were with reproductive organs. They had penis wind chimes, side tables, wall paintings. You name it, there was boy junk on it. Mom was, of course, horrified at this and said:

Well, no wonder their major cities were destroyed by that volcano.

And there you have it, folks. She'll be here all week!

Ps: I heard that in the figure drawing classes at DBU and Baylor the models wear swimsuits. I think that is really funny.

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