31 May 2012

My First Trader Joe's Experience

 Trader Joe's is just as magical as Nat the Fat Rat says. I'd never been to one, because there weren't any locations in Texas until recently. Now, there are 5 locations here, but they are in the two towns I dislike the most- Dallas and Houston. There is one in Santa Fe and I now understand why Josh says he usually stays away from it. You guys know how much I value a good grocery store, so I had to meet Trader Joe's before moving out to New Mexico. It was magical, but not practical. I walked in and my eyes glassed over because they had peonies for sale. Just these beautiful flowers that you can't get easily in Texas, in buckets, for sale. I'll take one, please.

 Josh showed me where all of the sweet treats were and what the good stuff was. We got the peanut butter cups and lemon crisp cookies. De-lish. Then we got some real food for dinner. I am on a big baked sweet potato fry kick, so we had those with lemon garlic chicken, steamed asparagus and some kind of bread that had green chiles in it. Green chilies are offered on just about everything in the Southwest. But they don't offer queso on nearly as many items like in Texas. I think I'll survive.

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  1. So glad New Mexico is so welcoming to you...Texas is wonderful but the southwest holds its own!

    Next time, buy the dipper cookies and eat with milk. That's an order. ;)