17 May 2012

Notes From Home

One of Granny's pineapple plants; May 2012

  • Granny has taken to growing pineapples. Two of her plants are producing fruit already! I hope I'm around when they are ready to eat. She says the little ones are always the sweetest.
  • East Texans do not believe in refillable cups. I went to Chic-fil-A for a big coke Tuesday, and brought my CFA refillable cup with me to put such cokes in. They refused to fill my cup and had never seen or heard of such cups. Get with it, East Texas!
  • Talking to high school art classes about your work and what college is like is a lot like talking to a bunch of logs. Sleepy logs at that.
  • I went to visit my old boss, Mrs. Regina, at Hancock's today and ended up dusting and organizing merchandise. Not sure how I got into that?
  • Last night, I couldn't get to sleep and found myself reading at 3 am. All of a sudden my bed started swaying and noticed the water in my glass was swaying too. Apparently, East Texas has been having earthquakes over the past week. The one I felt was on the news this evening. It happened around Timpson, Texas, which is about an hour away from Mom and Dad's house.
  • There has been a roadrunner sighting!

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