14 May 2012

Project Mode

Em, Mom, Me; May 2012
Last week was fun, but I am pooped. After finals were over last week, I headed down to San Antonio to help Em and Russ with house type things. We were in project mode for about five days straight. There was:

baby furniture painting (my feet are red from paint still!)
crib assembly (took an engineer and spatially intelligent art student 3 hours to complete)
curtain making en masse
painting hanging
light electrical work
even some plumbing work
furniture arranging
lamp and rug shopping
bunting sewing
pup snuggling

I love setting up houses! On Saturday, Mom came into town for Em's baby shower that was Saturday afternoon. The shower was pretty lively after someone brought up last week's Time magazine article about "attachment parenting". (Fyi- the Morrison family is not of that breed.) After the shower, I made some kick-a barbeque chicken and baked sweet potato fries that everyone thought was delicious. (yaaay!) Then, all of a sudden, it was Mother's Day! And Em and I were with our Mom! And I didn't have a card for her. And I didn't send a card to Josh's mom. I'll try again next year?

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  1. Sorry I pooped you, but thanks for all the work! I promise next time you come you can just snuggle a baby or a pup...or both!