02 May 2012

Questionable College Fashion Choices

At the risk of sounding like your mother, the state of fashion on my college campus (and I suspect others, too) is on the down turn. There are a handful of girls I come in contact with at school that wear actual outfits to school. I know school keeps me busy, so I don't have all the time in the world to pick outfits out, but as long as I have jeans and a t-shirt on, I consider it an outfit.

The outfit that I see girls in the majority of the time is pictured below. A Tyler's t-shirt, leggings, a North Face jacket, and Sperry's. The leggings can be interchangeable with Nike running shorts. Girls, this is not an outfit. So stop wearing it. In what real life situation would you be wearing this outfit? I could understand you wearing it if you had just come from running, boating, yoga, and hiking up a chilly mountain all at the same time, but it is highly unlikely that you did this before that 9am class.

Another outfit that I absolutely loathe is the baggy tank top with a fancy bandeau (or regular) bra underneath. Why would you think that is okay? Women have worked too hard for you to be giving it away for free. I saw a girl on the bus the other day with a black leather-y bra underneath her giant tank top. First of all, wearing leather undergarments is for street walkers, and also wearing leather in Texas in the summer is just stupid. Boys are easily distracted by fashion statements like these, but these are not the boys you want attention from. You should not show boys your underwear before you know their name. Did no one teach you this?!
Bad choices. via Tumblr
It probably sounds like I wear turtlenecks and sweaters to school all of the time, but I usually dress like a normal 22 year old. I like different fabrics, colors and cuts. There is a way to dress that doesn't make you look like a street walker and is still fun. Wearing actual outfits tells others that you take care of yourself and want to be taken seriously. Do you think the ladies who fought for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) to be passed showed up to do business in the skimpy attire that was fashionable at the time? No, they wore suits with pantyhose. So, if you want other people, even future boyfriends or husbands, to take you seriously so that you can have a nice job, scholarship, life, whatever- put some real clothes on.

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