25 May 2012

The Silk Daffodils

My bedside table at Mom and Dad's; May 2012
 I never thought I would have a coming of age moment making a wreath, but then such things happened. I was working on a gigantic wreath my Mom got for the wedding. We were going for a rustic feel and I got to arranging. The wreath needed more yellow. Never enough yellow! And maybe some white!

Wandering around the house, I set my silk flower hunting eyes upon the daffodils on my bedside table. These silk daffodils have been on my bedside table since I was a little Julie, just getting into a "big girl bed." No, I do not know my Mom's secret to keeping them clean and decent for that many years. I also don't know her and Dad's secret to keeping Andy, Emily, and me clean and decent for this many years.

Anyway, I eyed the flowers and asked my Mom if I could use them. I would have to cut them apart for wreath use. You can only cut things once, and I get very serious about such things. She told me of course I could! I stared at them for several minutes weighing my options. They looked nice where they were, but could look even better on the wreath.

I get so used to routines, sometimes I forget to step back and evaluate the situation. Am I happy here? Could I be doing something more awesome? Is this where God wants me to be? Do I need to go on the wreath? Routines are comfortable and cozy to me, but if I want to get anywhere in life, I'm going to need to not stick to the safe places all the time.

I was having trouble with direction in a photo project last semester and Barry, my thesis professor, told me, "You never know if something will work until you try it." There are a ton of inspirational quotes out there like that one, but that one was real. So I put the daffodils on the wreath. And it looks awesome so far. Birds were added for good measure.