08 June 2012

4x5 Cameras, Babies, and Therapy Dogs

Mamma Cook, Rach and Lucy Kate in the oven
Wednesday was quite the day and I ate it up with a spoon! I awoke to a text message from Em saying that our good friend Rachel had finally had her little girl, Lucy Kate (6 June 2012; 1:01 am; 7 lbs. 4 oz.; 20 3/4"). She has been waiting for that little one for a very long time. I was really excited, but had to go to class, so I had to contain it.

Color Photography was really fun. I love that professor, which always helps an 8am class. She was introducing us to the 4x5 land camera that morning. I already knew how to use that type of camera, but as she was going through it I wished that she was the one who'd taught me how to use it.  Since the school only has two of those cameras, we have a schedule of who gets them when. There were a lot of schedule conflicts with the schedule my professor had cooked up, so we ended up changing it. The girls who were supposed to get it on Wednesday after class couldn't take it because of work, so my professor asked for a volunteer to go first. I didn't mind, so I volunteered to go first. Why not? It isn't like my sister is going into labor anytime minute...

In Thesis II we were still going over project proposal and it was my turn to go on Wednesday. I get so nervous doing those things. I originally wanted to focus on sewing related things, but my professor steered me more towards focusing on quilting. I am all over that! The class and I also had a fun conversation about the current sewing culture, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After class was out, Em and I had planned to meet along the interstate to carpool to Austin to go see Rachel and Paul. We practiced our good sister timing and got to Target at almost the same time. Yay! Then, we went to see the new parents and tiny human at the hospital. I enjoy going to see people at the hospital. The buildings are just so clean and the halls are maze-like, so I feel very safe. Lucy was sleeping most of the time we were there, but she was so small and cute! Rachel and Paul are going to be great parents. Rachel has counseled me on numerous things and Paul always has a fart joke. They're fun.

Rachel's nurse came in while we were there, so I was secretly excited to see what all she checked and such during her visit. She did general nurse things. That hospital has bar codes on the hospital bracelets, which is cool because all they have to do is scan you and your info pops up on their portable computers. Cool!

On our way out of the hospital, Em and I turned a corner and there were a bunch of puppies! Don't worry, they were therapy dogs and their owners were holding on to them. I asked one of the owners if I could meet everyone and he said, "Of course! They would love that!" They had three of my very favorite dog breeds with them: 1 sheltie, 2 basset hounds and 1 Australian shepherd. They were all so sweet. The basset hounds were adorable, the Aussie was stoic and the sheltie was very friendly. I will take one of each, please!

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