27 June 2012

Drawing II

by Jules Buck Jones
When I registered for my summer classes, Drawing II didn't have a professor listed, only the much dreaded "TBA". Who could TBA be?! Tuff? Laughlin? Rodenborn? Are they going to dislike me because I'm a photography major?

A good portion of my current Color Photography class is in my Drawing II class, so we got to talking about who we thought the TBA professor could be. I had my money on Tuff, who I had last summer. She "baby birded" me all semester by helping me with drawings and generally taking pity on my lack of drawing skills.

One of the Adams in my class said, "Oh, I know who the prof. is. He was one of the visiting artists in the fall. He has three names I think?" We started rattling off names and I said, "Jules Buck Jones?" completely thinking that he would never teach a college course. But then Adam 2 said, "Yeah! That's the guy!" I flipped out. I love JBJ's work. I blogged about his work here.


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  1. Shut the front door! That guy is awesome!! I'm jealous. I bet he makes you do weird things.