19 June 2012

Ghost Whisperer

Maggie Taylor; Southern Gothic; 2002
 Everyone knows I love me some Ghost Whisperer. The hit CBS drama that ran from 2005-2010? You guys that show is awesome. There are weird ghosts in every episode and crazy stuff happens. Some networks on cable play rerun episodes over and over during times when I'm doing homework, so I have gotten my fill of Melinda and Jim in the past year. Em and Russ are completely sick of Melinda and Jim. I'm always up for watching!
Maggie Taylor; One and a Half Sisters; 2003
 Anyway, my Thesis class is taking a field trip to the Harry Ransom Center (HRC) in Austin to see some photographic prints from the very beginning of photography. Our professor had us look at their online database list to find prints that we want to have a look at while we're there. I made a beeline to the list of women photographers and found lots of great stuff I wanted to see. I randomly clicked on the name Maggie Taylor, because I didn't recognize it.
Maggie Taylor; Stange Case; 2002
Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. Maggie Taylor is the lady who did the opening credits for Ghost Whisperer. Definitely put her on my list of prints to see.

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