06 June 2012

I Knew It!

Not amused then, not amused now; December 1994
My family has this weird cloud that follows us around. It never causes anything truly terrible to happen, but it always brings trouble. Like that time Em got married and it hadn't rained in five months, but then on her wedding day it suddenly rained. And that time that Mom finally got a Home Ec. job when we moved to Texas, but then she had cancer for a little while. Or that time Andy applied for a new job in his company, but they hired a guy he had trained instead. Those are probably all extreme examples of family happenings of that type.

On Monday when school started, I was fully focused on finishing my three classes. My advisor had helped me with my degree plan several semesters ago, and she had me fully on track. Then that stupid cloud showed up in my email inbox:

Hello Julie
Your audit has been reviewed for graduation. You are currently 1 hour short of the 124 hours required. Please register for a 1 hour course of your choice. I can suggest any PFW.

Aw, man. Just one hour! I had a feeling in my gut that this was going to happen. Whenever I get to the finish line, it always seems like something comes up that puts it in jeopardy. Very frustrating. I'm just glad that in this case it is just one hour to finish and I can take Aerobics or Racquetball to fulfill it. Persevering is a very important life lesson that seems to need to be relearned over and over. If you don't learn it you would never get anything done. And why not take racquetball again?!

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  1. JuMo versus Racquetball, take two!! Yeah!