01 June 2012

Let's Do This

Some carefully placed branches; May 2012
Monday marks the beginning of my last summer semesters of college.
I am very ready.
I have three classes to take:

Thesis II (already have ideas)
Color Photography (been taking color photos for a few years, but this is a film class)
Drawing II ( hopefully no nekkids?)

I will also have my senior show at the end of the summer, but that isn't a real class. There are so many things to do!

Emily's bebe is due June 11.
Josh has a Ph.D. checkup in Austin June 15.
Mail wedding invites July 21.
Dad and Mom come to move my apartment belongings home on July 27.
Senior Show somewhere in here.
I graduate on August 10 at 6pm.
Take bridal portraits with Megan Freakin' Fortner on August 25.
Hang out with Mom and Dad for a month.
And get married on September 15.
Then go to Hawaii.
Then move to New Mexico.
Then live in New Mexico and be sleepy all the time from the elevation.

This is going to be fun.

But first, my littlest baby cousin graduates from high school today! Good job, BenBen! Now go to college.


  1. Omg! You have so many fun things!

  2. so many good- life things... We just attended a senior art show and it was fabulous. So much cooler than I thought one would be!

  3. How exciting! So glad you have tons of wonderful things to look forward to! I hope you enjoy every second of the engagement life/wedding planning! ;) xo