26 June 2012

Marathon Mode

For comedic relief
You guys. This Morrison is in marathon mode. I will recap last week in list format, because I need to unload all of these events.

Church at Em & Russ' church
Lunch at Papouli's
Drop Josh off at airport
Take Em's maternity photos
Back to school

No school
Clean out kitchen area of apartment
Teach KP a sewing lesson

Morning class field trip to The Magic Lantern Museum in San Antonio
Drive back to school
Pit stop at Buc-ee's (scary)
Start shooting a project
Em gets admitted to the hospital
Drive back to San Antonio
Hang out in the delivery room
Go to Em and Russ' house to let the Beezus out and sleep

Garrett decides he wants to come out at 3am
Go back to the hospital
Help out with delivery
Back to the household to take a nap
Find parents when they miss their exit
Take them to the hospital
Back to San Marcos
Print photos at school until 9:30p

Polo practice (I know, right?!)
Print photos at school until 9:30p

Em and Garrett go home from the hospital
Taco Deli with Jenny and Adam
Afternoon class field trip to the Harry Ransom Center in Austin
See Ansel Adams' prints in person
Back to San Marcos
Then to San Antonio
Watch American Pickers with Dad
Go for a walk
Snuggle Garrett

Snuggle Garrett
Marathon shopping trip with Mom
That shopping trip was out of control
Help Mom with dinner
Go for a walk

Garret goes back to the hospital
Church with Mom
Lunch with Mom
Bring Mom to hospital to stay with everybody
Back to San Marcos

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