03 July 2012

Fictional Artists

Rachel, Rachel and Hilary
A few weeks ago, I rented The Vow from the redbox so I could experience the Channing Tatum a good love story. It was a really cute movie, sad, but cute. I got to thinking about my favorite chick flicks and realized that the leading female character is always an artist and something crazy always happens to her.

In the Time Traveler's Wife, Rachel McAdams' character is a generic artist of some sort. Her husband/love interest has a "genetic disorder" that causes him to time travel. He couldn't control when or where he went, so she would never know where he was or when he would come back. What a crazy life!

The Vow starts off like any cute-sy chick flick, but then BAM the car they were in gets hit and Rachel's character falls into a coma. When she wakes up, she has no memory of her husband or who she is after age 20 (or so). The rest of the movie is spent trying to regain her memory and starting over. It made me really sad that she forgot why she loved her husband and how to make art.

P.S. I Love You is one of my all time favorites. It starts out all cute-sy cute-sy, but then cuts to a funeral for Hilary Swanks' character's husband. He died from difficulties from a brain tumor. Someone dies in the first ten minutes! When the movie shows how they first met, she is on a study abroad trip with her art school. That may or may not have influenced both my choice to visit Ireland and to go to art school.

I hope nothing crazy happens to Josh and me since we're in a relationship and I'm an art student. We better watch out.

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