06 July 2012

Sweet Negative Find

Being a photographer, photographs were important to include in the wedding. Lucky for me, the venue Josh and I selected has a fairly large built-in bookcase that I plan on filling up with family photos. We're talking pictures of us when we were little, family wedding portraits, engagement portraits and perhaps a bridal portrait of myself. The works!

Last time I was home, I worked on scanning all of the portraits from my side's weddings. For the past few family weddings, there has been this terrible scan of Granny and Grandad's wedding portrait floating around. Being the snob I am, I went over to Granny's to see if she had the original picture that I could scan myself. It was not in its spot in the photo album (someone must have hoarded it away for themselves), but she said that she thought she had the negatives. Say what?!

Sure enough, Granny pulled out four 63 year old negatives for me to scan. They were scratched a little bit, but otherwise in great shape to be that old of a negative. Now that I have some good scans of them, I can touch them up in Photoshop. Yay!