31 August 2012

Grace and things

This was a steamer! August 2012
Grace is a funny thing. I usually think of it in terms of being graceful. Dancers are graceful. Ladies who can walk in high heels are graceful. Horses are graceful runners. I also think about Grace from one of my favorite shows, the oldish NBC sit-com Will & Grace. She was as clumsy as they come, always said the wrong thing and also had an aversion to regular showering, but her friends loved her dearly. That is such a great picture of how God's grace graces us.

I've been thinking about grace since the speaker at a funeral I went to recently talked about it. Then, at my bridal shower on Sunday it hit me in the face. My Bible (NASB) says that grace is God's gift of good things which are not deserved, especially salvation. The ladies who hosted the shower for me were mostly friends of my Mom. I knew most of them, but one of the ladies I didn't even know. They were so generous with their time and resources and one of them had never even met me!

Mom and Dad's whole church was invited to the shower, but it was clear that everyone was not invited to the wedding. Tons of people showed up with beautiful gifts for Josh and myself! I was a little overwhelmed by the grace these ladies showed. I didn't know a lot of them, many were not invited to the wedding and I definitely didn't need anything, but those ladies came and showered me with their love, stories and gifts. That was a very generous and literal example of grace, but God's graces generally are very generous.

I feel a little spoiled.

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