21 August 2012

Granny Antics

Granny; 10th grade
Last Tuesday, Granny had cataract surgery on her right eye at the big hospital in Longview. I was given the pleasure of driving her there, learning how to care for her post-op eye, and then delivering her back home. Mom said the operation would take about three hours and Granny would have anesthesia, so she might be a little sleepy or loopy afterwards. I remember the effects of my wisdom tooth removal anesthesia, so I prepared for drunk Granny.

We found the operation area just fine, checked in, got her into her hospital gown, and then waited a little while for her to be wheeled back. She wasn't nervous at all and told me all sorts of things. I was asking her if she had ever been put to sleep before (she said no, but I know she has) and she continued to tell me about when she got a wisdom tooth removed.

She was probably around 20 years old and was working at Willis-Knighton in Shreveport, Louisiana. A wisdom tooth had been killing her for a few weeks, so she finally got an appointment with a dentist during her lunch hour one day. Today, when you get your wisdom teeth pulled it is a big ordeal, you get put to sleep for it and you get them taken out during a holiday so you can lay around for a few days.

Granny got that wisdom tooth pulled during her lunch hour, with no anesthesia and then went back to work for the afternoon.

Oh my goodness! I would have been completely out of it. I should've known, but after her cataract surgery I walked back to the post-op area and she was fully awake and alert chatting with the nurse. What am I going to do with her?!

Also, cataract surgery does not take three hours, so don't pack yourself a big bag of things to do while you wait. I had more of an emergency room visit amount of stuff ready, Uncle Charlie told me.

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