23 August 2012

Laments on leaving the South

Evening phone calls; 1991?
I am soon to leave the land of milk and honey.
The place that has oak trees.
Giant ones!
Home of Civil War reenactments.
Where else can I wear a hoop and gloves?!
And file in every grocery store!
(Fee-lay the seasoning, not file folders)
New Mexico has no porches to offer me.
How might I "sit a while" outside of a pueblo?
They probably don't have people who draw out the 'i' in ice to next Tuesday...
"Iiiiiiiiice is niiiiiiiice."
I'll have to import St. Augustine grass to run around on!
For New Mexicans have pebble yards!
Will store owners call me "sugar" and "honey" and names of that sort?
What is even up with high elevation?!
I was just above sea level for most of primary school.
How does one even decorate without ferns?!
For the love of leafy plants and butter in everything!

At least Josh and I have a nice place to visit! 
I'm sure succulents and green chilies will grow on me.


  1. What about dear ole mom and best friend sister????

  2. the West is an adventure--it won't be the same as your beloved South, but the wide open spaces may grow on you... :)