09 August 2012

Setting Up Shows

Hogging the magnet wall and thinning the herd; June 2012
I have had work in several shows, but it has always been installed by the gallery workers. Installing work is hard! It might be harder than actually making the work? My Thesis professor and some friends helped me choose six out of twenty-five photos to include in the show and that was kind of difficult, too.
The set up; August 2012
Anyway, after some measuring, remeasuring, drilling, hanging, and rehanging we got everything up. I brought a bunch of my quilts on the install day just in case we had room to hang them up some way, and when I told the gallery director that I had them she said, "Well why don't you put them on some pedestals?" Well, okay Mary Mikel!
Me with some quilt things; August 2012
Me, Brittany and Alli; August 2012
I'm really glad I had these ladies around. We all got to be stressed out together about getting everything together for the senior show in a short amount of time. They were also handy to have around during install. Brittany brought her laser level and I think we used it as much as possible. Alli has a hawk eye for detail and made sure all of our work was in order. I know all of us sighed a heavy sigh of relief when we had everything ready for people to see!
Alli Cox


  1. yayyy for senior shows and graduating! can't wait for tomorrow!!

  2. I got to see this in person! Sooo goood!

    It's too bad you didn't incorporate blanketed Kerri into the live showing.