29 August 2012

The "Surprise" Shower

Hostesses! Lucy, Rachel, Amber, Garrett, Sarah and KLG; July 2012
My Austin friends and future sister-in-law are really good at keeping secrets, but they forgot how bad Morrison ladies are at keeping secrets. This bridal shower was supposed to be a surprise, but Emily and Mom blew it. While Emily was in labor with Garrett, I was in charge of her phone. In the midst of responding to text messages, a message from April on Emily's facebook popped up, saying that April had given her address to Kerri.
Why were three of my worlds coming together?! Why was my sister talking to one of my high school friends, who had been talking to one of my college friends? What the what? So I became suspicious. Then, Em told me that she and the Austin ladies were having a "baby party." I knew something was up at this point, so I decided to be a turd and tell her I didn't want to go.
Kerri making the girls laugh probably. She's funny.
But, being my sister, Emily knew how to lure me to North Austin for this alleged baby party. A big coke and Ikea. Mom blew it when she started talking about family members wanting to know if they should send me gifts or wait until the wedding. I played it off and said, "They should wait until the wedding, so that I don't have to move everything." I'm okay at keeping a straight face, so Mom thought I was surprised. Em knows that I can keep a straight face and knew that I probably knew.

Even though it wasn't surprising, the shower was really fun! Sarah came all the way from Dallas! Garrett snuggled with all of the ladies! We played the Williams family memory game! I got all of the questions wrong in the "guess how Josh answered this question" game! I also spilled punch on myself!
 Mom also took several particularly unfortunate/hilarious pictures of Emily and me, which I will share at a later date. Most likely this will be when I live in New Mexico, so that Emily will not be able to kill me as easily as she would if we were both in Texas.

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  1. (1) You really can't fault me for anything that happened WHILE I WAS IN LABOR.

    (2) You *were* being a turd.

    (3) I can still kill you in New Mexico.