20 August 2012

The Tuttle Ladies

Tuttle ladies. Not sure who is who.
Grandad's Mom has always been an interesting lady to me. Her name was Effie Jane. We don't know much about her, because she died after delivering Grandad's younger sister, Aunt Nellie. Grandad was four at the time and doesn't remember anything but his Aunt Exa coming to stay with them. All we know is that she was completely beautiful, had three children, and was from a family of ten children. I have been slowly scanning Granny and Grandad's family pictures and these are by far some of my favorites.
Effie Jane Cat Parade

I know how much I love my sister and the relationship I have with her, and these sisters seem to have the same. There were four Tuttle sisters- Julia, Ruby, Effie Jane (my great grandmother) and Exa. They grew up in Gregg County Texas, which is the northeastern part of the state my family still lives in today. I'm so glad someone saved these photos, because I have loved looking at them and asking Grandad about everyone!
Exa, Ruby and Effie Jane
Tuttle ladies probably
More Tuttle ladies; Effie Jane is the second from the right and Exa is the third from the right
Julia, Exa, Effie Jane and Ruby Tuttle

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