03 September 2012


Dear Bangs,

Why do you torment me so?! I can't seem to live with you and I can't seem to do it without you. For the first few days after shearing those extra few inches of hair off around my face, you exuberantly and tactfully cover the vast expanse of my forehead. I awaken myself early, not minding this, to coif you back into the cute bangs you were the night before. That first week with you I feel like the most stylish girl around. But then I remember I live in Texas and can't have nice things haircuts. You plaster yourselves to my forehead in a fit of rage over the fact that my body must cool itself. It's my sixth grade id photo all over again! To hide your tantrum from the world, I securely affix you to my head with a trusty bobby pin. Week Two: that is when the grow out period begins. Are you even worth having or was it the environment we were in that caused you to behave in such an unruly manner? What is it, bangs? Should we talk again once we're in New Mexico? You are to my chin now and I'm getting antsy.


1 comment:

  1. Bangs... I never want them around, until I grow them out...