04 September 2012

For Shame

The best shirt EVER.
Dear Anthropologie,

You little stinker.

About a month ago, I was in my favorite store location of yours (6th and Lamar in Austin) saying my goodbyes and admiring everything. I stumbled upon a wee owl shirt. Cotton sateen. Light pink background with black and white owl drawings. Blue and white striped fabric on the inside cuffs. Long in length for a button-up. Alas, it was $78 and I knew I could get a much better price on it once it was in the sale section.

So I waited.

And finally, last Wednesday, it went on sale. But for a limited time only! So I jumped on the opportunity and ordered one just for me! And got the order confirmation email!

BUT THEN I GOT A CANCELLED ORDER EMAIL, JERK. You said it was because you didn't have the shirt anymore. LIES. I was curious and looked at your website and that shirt is on your website listed for $78 again.

Do not love,


  1. SOOOO manipulative... not cool! Sorry :(

  2. That's just WRONG, teasing a girl like that. Call 'em!