06 September 2012

Now Accepting Applications

Racher, JLR, and Kitty; October 2009
Attention! I am now accepting friend applications from the residents of Northern New Mexico. Don't worry if you aren't human, I often develop meaningful friendships with animals.

If human, be somewhat my age
Interest in sewing
Be comfortable being photographed
Have design opinions
Enjoy visiting museums of all shapes and sizes
Understand the alone time needs of an introverted person
Knowledge of power tool safety
Enjoy hiking, swimming, and/or horse back riding
Know the difference between helvetica and times new roman
Ability to lift 50 lbs.
A general understanding of why one blogs
Interest in books- willingness to read, trade, and return them


  1. I fit almost every one of those, except location! Sad... I hope you find that awesome friend!

  2. I might have some prospects. Better quality than the female companion "prospects" one of my co-workers said he could find me during his weekend police patrols.

  3. Sans serif vs. serif. HA! No one will ever replace your Kitty!

    P.S. I got my eyes dilated today and looked suuuper creepy. That is all.