05 September 2012

Some Party Rental Items

The hills are alive with the sound of ammo; December 2011
Dearest Betrothed,
I have rented a few items from the local party and tent rental place. A few items have been very tempting to reserve, but I resisted!

16" mirror ball
Strobe light (because we're having a rave)
Megaphone (for impromptu rapping)
Massive 10x11 Arch (just because it's massive)
Cake Fountain (why chew when you can drink it?)
Large Martini Centerpiece
Popcorn Machine, Cart
Nacho Cheese Warmer
Sno-cone machine
Giant Bubble Bowl (BUBBLES!!!?)
Blowing Man
Primary Color Castle Moonwalk
Princess Moonwalk
Dunk Tank
Hispanic Bride (I'm not really sure what they are renting here. Is she an actual person?)
Bride's Baseball Cap w/ Veil
Fog Machine Fluid (no mention of a fog machine)
Ice Mold, Large Dolphin
Hispanic Groom (Does he come with the Hispanic Bride?)

It wasn't easy, but I made it through! Aren't you proud of me?


  1. This cracked me up!
    I think you guys should go for the hispanic bride and groom, just to throw people off! And then come marching down the aisle after them. :) How funny would that be?

  2. Haha! It would be really funny. I'm just not sure what they are renting with that listing? I'll have to ask when we pick everything up.

  3. RENT ALL THE THINGS! Cake fountain only eclipsed by cookie fountain. I'm pretty sure you would hog the megaphone. Mirror ball would be good for the disco songs. Ice mold could produce fruit punch flavored large dolphin? Not sure we want people licking the ice dolphin though. Any moonwalk would go well with our other outdoor activities. Too bad you can't rent people to just dance.