07 September 2012

The Wedding Binder

This is my wedding binder! It has been my trusty assistant for the past few months. When Josh and I were freshly engaged, my first business action was to assemble this puppy. One does not simply "plan a wedding." I didn't like the pre-made ones and I generally just like making things myself.
 So, I got some dividers, grid paper, a pocket, a picture of Josh, and some labels.
 My dividers were labled: clothing, details, venue, guest list, calendar and vendors. The most useless tab was probably the calendar tab. The most used section was the guest list.  The clothing section was also kind of useless, but was nice to have when trying to visualize all of the clothing choices together.
 This pocket has come in very handy! It holds all of my thank you notes, RSVP cards and gift cards we have received. And stamps!
 Here is the guest list layout. The columns are labeled name, address, number invited, number estimated, actual number, gift and thanked. While I don't expect gifts from everyone, the gift/thanked columns have come in handy for double checking myself that I have thanked everyone. And the addresses are right there, making for an efficient note writing process! They will also be useful if Josh wants to know who gave us what.
 The vendor section has print outs from the photographer, caterer, florist, and rental place. This comes in handy when you need something random that you might not have discussed with whatever vendor. You can look for yourself to see if they offer that something you need.
 The details section contains all of my hopes and dreams for the aesthetics of the wedding. Maybe I will achieve one of these dreams? We shall see.
Also, there are a lot of very specific lists in this binder. Take for example this chart, which is for pictures that go in a bookshelf at the venue. Would one not just print family photos willy nilly? NO. One must write all of your family members down, what size you want their picture, if you have scanned it, and if you have printed it. Duh.


  1. Well done, Monica Gellar Bing!!

  2. Loved your post! I used it as a reference to go to for wedding binders on my blog!