24 September 2012

To my littlest sister-in-law

The famous purple dress.
Dear Nichole,

Happy heavenly birthday! We really missed you the weekend before last. I'm sure you were keeping tabs on us, but your favorite brother and I got married! It was basically a big dance party.

Let's see, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and parents were all there. Did you celebrate with my grandparents up there? I hope you have met them, because they are great. It was wonderful to see everyone. We wanted everyone to know you were there in spirit, so we got you a bouquet of cream garden roses. I even found a purple butterfly to stick in there, that I thought you would enjoy.

Ty gave you a little shout out in his best man's speech, which I'm sure made a lot of people smile.
While we were taking pictures after the ceremony, this grey cat kept hanging around. He looked exactly like the original "I Can Haz Cheeseburger" cat. I think he might be in several of the photos laying on the ground in the background. Josh eventually picked him up and got a quick picture with him.

Also, Josh did a lot of dance moves that you would either be really embarrassed by or would have joined him! My dress was itchy and very fitted , so I had to change to keep up with him on the dance floor!


Monday, 24 September 2012 is Chili's "Create a Pepper" day. On this day 100% of their profits go to St. Jude's for childhood cancer research. 
For more info: www.createapepper.com


  1. Sitting here moved to tears... That's all.

  2. I was going about my day strong...until I read this post. Nichole would love you...just like all of us.