16 October 2012

Columbus Day Fishing

Josh's parents got to come visit us for Columbus Day, and since the weather was glorious we went fishing. Yay! The Jemez Mountains are in our backyard, so we decided to hit up the area around Battleship Rock. That area is really pretty in the fall. The yellow trees were YELLOW yellow. I like fishing, but had never been stream fishing before I met the Williams family. The streams in New Mexico and Arizona have trout in them. 
Battleship Rock 
Trout are smart fish and look out of the water to see if anyone is on the side of the stream trying to get them. So, when you are fishing these streams you have to sneak up on them and make your bait look as realistic as you can. I thoroughly enjoy that part of tricking the trout. I like to employ a method of trout fishing I call "extreme trout fishing." If there is a rock near the hole I'm fishing, I will be laid out on it like a lizard. If I have to crawl on my belly to a low-lying hole, I'm going to go for it. Fishing can get very boring if you don't make it fun.
Sweet hole with big fishes.
Raccoon paw print.
Extreme fishing techniques!
More extreme fishing techniques!
Happiest when outside and dirty.
Some of the catches- we didn't keep any.

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